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    For over 28 years we have been exploring and climbing in Mexico. we are your best choice for exploring the Mexican volcanos. We can serve all levels of mountaineering and give you an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Our mountain guides have the experience and knowledge of the Mexican volcanos to ensure your safe and successful ascent, our first priorities. We have a growing number of happy and satisfied summiteers..come and enjoy the outdoors with us! In addition, we share our culture and history on all of our

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    We are a group of mountain guides with experience in rescues, trekking, high altitude mountaineering, rock climbing and caving. We have shared our mountaineering experiences with other mountain guides from Mexico, Europe, and the United States, and various professional athletes. Above all, we would like to guide you, share our knowledge with you, and embark on an outdoor adventure

    Malitzin (Malinche) 4461m. / 14635 ft


    On the southern part of Tlaxcala rises Malinche or Matlacueyetl, which is the name that the inhabitants of ancient Tlaxcala gave to the mother goddess of water. It has an altitude of 4461 masl. and it is the fifth highest mountain in Mexico.

    what is Malinche?

     La Malinche mountain, also known as Matlalcuéyetl, Matlalcueitl or Malintzin, is an inactive volcano (dormant for the last 3,100 years) located in Tlaxcala and Puebla states, in Mexico. Officially, its summit reaches 4,461 metres (14,636 ft) above sea level, though in some articles it is considered to be 4,503 m (as measured by GPS). Its height makes it the highest peak in Tlaxcala, the fifth highest in Puebla, the sixth highest in Mexico, and the 252nd highest in the world. Its height above nearby cities varies from 1,908 metres above Huamantla, 2461 metres above Villa Vicente Guerrero, 2,221 metres above Tlaxcala to 2,299 metres above Puebla. The summit is 22.4 km from Tlaxcala, 28.3 km from Puebla, and 118 km from Mexico City. The climate is cold on the summit and mild on its lower slopes.

    The Tlaxcaltecs named it Matlalcuéyetl, which in English means "Lady of the Green Skirts," a goddess of rain and song. The Spanish changed its name to "Malintzin" and/or "Malinche", in honor of a woman from the current Tabasco state, called Malinalli, who helped the Spanish as an interpreter.


    Itinerary Malinche 1 day

    pick you up from Mexico City ( hotel, airport or address) 7381ft.

    Transfer to Malinche base in "quesadillas" place

    We begin with a walk through a forest, then further on we reach a field of loose rock that ends in a ridge leading to a rock maze after which, lies the summit.

    goback to Mexico City

    sion transportation tlaxc


    Cost in a group of 5 - 11 people: 100 usd per person

    Cost in a group of 3 - 4 people: 130 usd each one

    Cost: 2 persons150 usd

    Cost 1 person 280 usd


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    Malinche summit with dog



    where is located la Malinche?

    Located in the Parque Nacional La Malinche, in the southwest of Tlaxcala state, and at the center of Puebla state, (latitude 19° 05' - 19° 22' N and longitude 97° 53' - 98° 12' W) this volcano is part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. The park is, the fifth largest of the 85 parks in México. It covers an area of 458.52 km² (113,304 acres), of which 68.5% belongs to Tlaxcala state and 31.5% to Puebla state. The diameter of the park is approximately 24 km.

     what about Legend of Malinche

    iLa Malinche shares, like Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl, legends about its formation. According to the most famous legend, Matlalcueyetl was a virgin girl engaged to Cuatlapanga, a warrior who had to go to battle in a remote place. Time went by, and the lover took so long to come back that the sad girl died of sorrow. When the warrior came back, he was looking for her, but then he received the bad news. He went to cry at the feet of her grave, but he also died, and turned into a small mountain. La Malinche also turned to stone, but in the huge volcano, with Cuatlapanga at its hillside.

    Another legend about the mountain concerns a reptilian monster that supposedly lived in the mountain and that would come down during the rainy season to abduct children and take them up the mountain to be devoured. Eventually the beast was killed, according to legend, and its head was mounted above the entrance to a house in Puebla that still stands at 201 East Third Street in the historical district of that town

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